lessons from the future

“I am God.”

Jacter woke up in the usual street corner. The year was 2024.

“Excuse me?”

“You prayed last night and you didn’t sound to comfortable. I’m worried about you.”

Bold piercing had been pronounced in His palms, and yet he was imperturbable. Jacter stood up slowly to the familiar neighbourhood, and stared at God in disbelief.

“This may feel like home – well it is home – but twenty years in the future.”

“What did we time travel or something?”

“You were really worried about the future, so I assumed that seeing the future could help a bit. Walk with me.”

This may have been the future, but everything seemed the same. He worried that the same things he went through were happening to the kids of this time.

It was 2004, Jacter was fifteen years old, his dark brown eyes were dry. His mother told him that his father wouldn’t be coming home for a long time. Jacter knew exactly what his mother meant, but he didn’t feel any remorse. How could one cry over a father who was never a father?

“We’re here.” exclaimed God. “Your home.”

“Who are these children?” Jacter was confused.

“Well,” replied God, “that’s Jason, and that’s Alaska. they’re your children.” Jacter smiled, and watched in amazement as the kids built towers of lego. Jacter also realised that their father was not present, and his smile faded.

“What’s on you mind, Jacter?” God was concerned.

“I’m not there for them… like how my father wasn’t here for me.” Tears trickled down Jacter’s dark brown eyes, and God put a hand on his shoulder.

“No, no, no. You are there for them. Trust me.” Jacter felt a little better.

Suddenly, the door busted open and a wave of terror overcame the children. Two men wearing all black gushed into the room and held the children’s’ mouths. Jacter tried to run to help, but God held him back.

“I have to do something.” Jacter cried.

“No, you can’t interfere with the future, it’s set.” God was unnervingly calm.

“I can’t just stand and watch. I stood and watched my father beat my mother senseless. I was too afraid to do anything and in doing so my mother was traumatised.”

“That wasn’t you fault Jacter-”

“Yes it was. My mother could’ve been safe. And if I can stop my children from danger, I have to do it.”

Waterfalls of fear fell from the children’s eyes.

“You love as I loved. I admired that.” said God. Jacter was restless and tried to break away from God, but God held him back and whispered: “just wait.”

A police officer broke into the house in a fury. The thugs put their hands up in fear.

“You think it’s a good idea to mess with a policeman’s kids?” The cop handcuffed the thugs and put them in the back of the car. When he returned to the room, the floods of despair were replaced by a calming lake of love. The children hugged the cop in joy.

“I don’t understand…” Jacter was lost. The cop turned around and looked Jacter in the eyes. They shared the same skin, the same lips, the same eyes. The cop winked at Jacter assuringly with one of his dark brown eyes and went back to playing with his kids.

God walked Jacter down the street. He was stunned, silent in amazement. God put both of his hands on Jacter’s shoulders and sighed.

“You’re a good man, Jacter. So don’t worry about the future – just be there for the people you love, alright?”

As swiftly as God had arrived, he left. Jacter turned around and took out his phone. The year was 2004. He smiled confidently, with a new mindset of love.


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